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— ZSS provides training and staffing of both static and mobile security teams for executive protection and critical asset protection. In addition to providing armed and unarmed security personnel,
ZSS can provide the instructors, facilities, materials, and supplies needed to develop, conduct and
evaluate training of security personnel in following training areas:

  • Firearms Training
  • Pistol and Carbine
  • Tactical Driving
  • Travel/Route Analysis
  • Attack Recognition


  • Defensive/Evasive Driving
  • Apprehension Avoidance
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Improvised Explosive Devices
  • (IED)Rrecognition/Avoidance



Commercial properties

— The ZSS-CIT transports cash and valuables within the city as well as between the cities of
IRAQ by air or surface routes depending upon requirement of the client. The company provides
plane-side services to and from international destinations for currency notes, travelers’ cheques,
credit cards,
precious metals and other valuables. Within short time.
Our Cash-in-Transit by Armored Vehicles is one
the most important service which we are providing nearly in all over iraq. The clients’ cash
transits in armored vehicles which are monitored
diligently round the clock from the Control
Room through GPS,
wireless radio system and ST tracking system
which is not available with our competitors in
the private sector. Our armored vehicles are
purpose- built, custom designed, strengthened
and geared up to guard yourvaluable assets.
during transits


CCTV security online camera with house plan


— The need for CCTV surveillance solutions and services has risen greatly, but with a lack of experienced solution providers and equipment specialists, many organizations are left with little choice. ZSS
are proud to offer our services in within Kurdistan.
Supply & Installation
ZSS supply CCTV to a very large market from small commercial products to industrial solutions. With access
to hundreds of manufacturers, we can deliver the right
solution for your needs. We can design and implement
large scale systems including building security and retail management systems designed to protect assets and
profits as well as protecting the health and safety of the public.
Technical Support
Our highly experienced technical support
team continues to expand in-line with increasing demand for CCTV / Video products. The team can help with product specification and are available for site surveys and
problem solving both on-site and over the


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Why do you need secure Transport

—Secure Executive Transportation is the provision of safe, secure and efficient driving services in
support of traveling executives and their staff. This service is delivered by vetted professional security drivers utilizing a fleet of safety checked vehicles dedicated to the specific task.
By utilizing ExecSecure you are reducing potential exposure to risks and hazards present when
conducting business travel. Traveling executives
are at greatest risk when in transit to and from office, accommodation or airport locations. Secure
transportation services harness local knowledge
and intelligence
in conjunction with vetted staff to deliver a safe
and secure environment at all times.
Use of secure transportation minimizes the risk
and exposure to non-criminal incidents (such as
road traffic accidents, vehicle failure, and poor
route selection) as well as dangerous scenarios
such as theft, kidnap, armed robbery, assault and
other traumatic events.



Specialized Training for Security Needs

ZSS is one of Kurdistan leading security providers. That makes us uniquely qualified to train the next
generation of security personnel. ZSS Security Training Services offer clients a range of customized
training modules tailored to fit their team needs, all taught by expert, certified instructors with backgrounds in areas including:
— Security Checkpoint Operations
Designed for security professionals, this course provides comprehensive training on operating a security checkpoint screening station in a corporate or
government facility. Topics covered include divestment, prohibited items, hand wand procedures and
the use of Magnetometers.
— Emergency Rescue & Tactical Security
Provides security personnel with the range
of skills to execute emergency rescue operations and conduct security work in high
threat areas.