• Threat and risk analysis.
  • Security audit of offices, installations and residences.
  • Provision of strategic security plans and procedures.
  • Crisis management plans.
  • Health and safety assessments and audits.

As a rule during the organization of a projects ZSS mobilizes specialists in different directions in the area of security for professional services of guarding and protecting personnel and the property of the client. Our international personnel and our local personnel who have all been prior checked and trained (in case when they are needed) will provide the following services on guarding and ensuring security:

  • Personal performing guarding at a close distance (CP/PSD) and critical reaction
  • Performing escort on all the territory of the Kurdistan Region (given the support from the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the country)
  • Organization of protection during convoying
  • Protective preliminary guarding - routs, buildings, accessible places
  • Organization of guarding of objects and property - all sites and locations of objects
  • First medical aid and further transportation of the injured to the place of professional medical aid and assistance in its organization