Who We Are:

It includes personal performing guard, supervision and management of activities by local security service in the host country, hidden form of guarding activities, consulting on security issues, managing in crisis situations, protection of property, security and guarding training.

ZSS has experience in organizing the process of providing security, gained during the activities of its employees while implementing joint projects with different foreign and local companies in the Republic of Iraq from 2004 to present time.

It is important to constantly review the threat and audit the client’s procedures for ensuring they can minimise the risk and enjoy business continuity. ZSS’s consultants -(Security Supervisors and Instructors) come from military and law enforcement backgrounds but are also current and qualified in the latest health and safety applications. Our approach is to intellectually challenge the Status-Quo but ensure solutions are practical and affordable.

Any potential threat has to be taken seriously and solutions found. ZSS’s protective services assist the corporate management beyond the scope of their internal resources.

The aim from the outset is to ensure the operational capabilities of a client’s unit are enhanced by the correct training. The definition of the correct training objectives is achieved security solutions that are robust, innovative and cost effective. It is essential employees feel sufficiently secure so they can operate confident of their own safety and for the employer it is equally important they have diligently provided the best possible care. So many environments are now potentially life threatening it requires a flexible and mature approach, which is continually challenging current practices and procedures and thus objectively evolving security plans.

ZSS ’s consultants can manage and deliver sophisticated protection plans including the latest technical surveillance options.

Our client’s employees would be integrated into any security plan and receive the necessary training and preparation whether it be hostile environment training for executives.